Export Ready Products

  Fresh & Processed Foods  

       •Pineapples, Water melons, Papaws, Mangoes, Limes
       •Pumpkins, Bora
       •Parboiled rice, Pasta Products including chow-mein
       •Sun Burst Juice, Hi-Five Juice, Mauby concentrate, Noni Juice
       •Curry Powder, Black Pepper, Miracle Seasoning, BBQ Sauce, Pepper Sauce
       •Jams, Jellies, Confectionery, Fruit Cake mix



  Alcoholic/non-Alcoholic Beverages  

       •El Dorado Rum
       •XM Rum
       •Aerated Drinks

  Wood/Wood Products  

       •Wooden Doors
       •Floorings and Mouldings
       •Wooden Furniture
       •Pre-fabricated wooden houses
       •Dressed lumber
       •Kiln Dried Tropical Hardwoods
       •Ceiling and Wall Cladding

  Building Materials  

       •Aluminum windows
       •Chain link fence
       •Steel rods
       •PVC pipes


       •Ferrol Tonic Cold & Cough Remedy
       •Beef Iron & Wine Tonic
       •Flavor Water Essences
       •Tussadryl Cough, Cold & Baby Formula, Gripe Water
       •Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream.


       •Hand-Painted Garments
       •Tie-Dye Garments
       •Casual Garments featuring unique local designs
       •Garments sewn to specific designs


       •A wide variety of gold & silver jewellery
       •Handmade decorative and functional items made from wood, leather, pottery and basketry

  For further details of specific opportunities in each sector please contact:  

       190 Camp & Church Streets
       Tel: (592) 227-0653/4 or (592) 225 0658
       Fax: (592) 225 0655
       Email: goinvest@goinvest.gov.gy

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