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Guyana Restaurant Week

Guyana Restaurant Week allows food lovers and those persons with refined dining interests to enjoy delicious creations from all your favorite restaurants in Guyana at discounted prices for ten days straight.

Since the year 2014, restaurants participating in Guyana Restaurant Week have seen an increase in participants and a wider variety of food choices since restaurants compete with creative menus.

Menu prices can be as low as $3,000 for lunch or $5,000/$6,000 for dinner depending on the restaurant.

To experience this, look at the list of participating restaurants. Pick one and check out their menu. If it piques your interest, then call and make reservations.

When you arrive, ask your server for their Guyana Restaurant Week menu. Be sure to ask about the wine pairings they are offering with their delicious selections. Visit one or visit all!

Click this link to view participating restaurants: https://www.thag.co/grw/restaurants.

Kindly visit the below link to view further information on Guyana Restaurant Week.

Guyana Restaurant Week | Tourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana (thag.co)

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